Welcomed Back

It had been a full 14 months, give or take a few days, since I had published an article on Seeking Alpha.

Seeking Alpha was the vehicle that helped me get the old “Option to Profit” to go beyond just a handful of paying subscribers when it first got off the ground and I was looking for something to do with myself that wouldn’t result in the growth of hair on the palmar surface of my hands.

I had never really wanted to have a volume of subscribers, especially since I was sending real time text message and email alerts at the time and the model included lots of real time text message communication and hand holding with subscribers.

Pricing the service at $200/month was a good way to keep subscriber numbers down, as was the poor quality of the offering and amateurish website.

I don’t even recall who had told me about Seeking Alpha, as I never really prowled around looking to write anywhere other than on my own space and I certainly wasn’t interested in reading anything, especially if they were being written by “posers” like me.

Anyway, I wrote an article at least weekly for about 5 years and the readership was consistently wonderful.

One thing that really appealed to me was that it became obvious that some of the regular readers were communicating with one another and always in a supportive kind of way. I tried to answer just about every comment that someone had taken the time to post.

That was generally pretty easy to do, since most were very constructive and often insightful.

Of course, what really appealed to me was that a number of them became subscribers.

Did I mention “paying” subscribers?

As those numbers grew, I stopped taking new Trading Alert subscribers and created a web site access subscription, which was so much easier to do.

The one thing that always confounded me, though, was that those very same people who commented so freely and frequently on Seeking Alpha’s page, almost never did so on my own web site.

Go figure.

Then I sold “Option to Profit” and pretty much thought that I was done, but along came a new idea which was keeping in line with where I thought I was always going to be headed.

Back to “Buy and Hold,” but with a tittle bit of a kicker.

A few weeks ago one of those past readers must have stumbled across this new site that I’m trying to get ready by July and made a comment about it on Seeking Alpha and a few others chimed in with nice things to say.

Call me sentimental.

Or, maybe just call me money hungry, but it’s really nice to know that you can go home.

With the article I had published today, “Come On Volatility,” came this really wonderful comment from one of those long ago readers:

That comment really made my day.

Thank you.