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LEAPtoProfit is a subscription service for traders who are becoming more inclined to trade less and hold more, but want to supplement their portfolio income stream.



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LEAP to Profit

If you were a past subscriber of “Option to Profit” you know the role that a covered option strategy can have for those wanting income streams.

If you don’t know the role, read Option to Profit.

It doesn’t have anything to say about LEAPS, but I’m older and wiser now.

Mostly older.

“Making your portfolio work for you,” has been my mantra for years, but now I want to spend less time providing oversight.

Less time and less trading.

Less time communicating with subscribers and more time to enjoy the results.

LEAPtoProfit is for traders who are becoming more inclined to trade less and hold more.

Like me.

“Buy and Hold,” but with a little more kick.

But it is also about the short term trade for those with large positions in individual stocks and the energy to play along.

It’s not just about LEAPS, it’s also about “Leapfrogging” with your favorite large positions, making them into recurrent income paying positions.

Whether you select a Web Access Only subscription in which trades will be posted within 10 minutes of their execution or an Alert Subscription in which text messages or emails are sent within a minute, if you have a large portfolio, there is a way to squeeze out even more from your positions.

Every trade posted will be a trade made.

My mouth is always where my money is, for better or worse and here is the track record since inception.

So, it’s time to make your portfolio work for you, while you work less on seeing that it all happens.

Subscriptions include access to all articles, trades, trading archives, results and commenting privileges.

Premium Alert subscriptions include text message or email alerts of trades that I have made within moments of their transmission to subscribers.

For those just browsing, for now, select pages are available for your viewing just so that you can get an idea of what it is that is being done and the flavor of the approach.

If the idea and the tone seem to suit your temperament then this may the place for you to get a little extra out of that portfolio of yours.

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LEAP to Profit Philosophy

For starters, take a look at this somewhat elderly article on Seeking Alpha.

Then, to get a primer on the role that option sales can play in enhancing a portfolio’s ability to generate income flow, my bias leads me to recommend the purchase of Option to Profit.

If you’re too cheap to purchase it, that’s alright. Let me know and when your second month of subscription automatically renews, I will email you a link for a pdf copy.

Basically, the idea behind LEAPtoProfit is an offshoot from Option to Profit, but with less frequent trading and more reliance on core holdings to generate predictable income streams through dividends and option premiums.

For the more daring, there will also be some dalliance with “Leapfrogging.”

More on that later, but for those who hold large positions in a given stock, and weekly options are offered, an absolutely wonderful way to generate income can be executed when you may have several thousand shares.

Ultimately, the LEAPtoProfit philosophy is to let your portfolio work for you while you work less on your portfolio.

It’s not for everyone, but it has been for me.


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First it was

That blog lasted for precisely 1 year and was dedicated to my father, who was a real “Szelhamos” in every good way.

In it’s literal sense, a “szelhamos” is a windbag.

That blog was a good way to deal with the loss of a wonderful man. At the same time, however, it helped me to discover the amazing pull of the internet and just how many people casually discovered the site and became regular readers.

More than 10 years later, I still wonder about that daily reader from Viet Nam.

After a hiatus for a few years which culminated in my retirement well before I had anticipated, came, which also ran for precisely 1 year and opened the door to a 5 year run of and to an equal run as an author on Seeking Alpha.

At the time, I was only looking for something to keep me busy while I was spending my retirement days trading my accounts.

It was one of my sons who encouraged to get more actively involved and export my ideas after I had told him how many people had contacted me with questions and comments and asked when I was “coming back.”

I never really thought that I could find a new “professional” life, especially in retirement and would go on to meeting lots of interesting people, both in the real sense and on-line, through my Twitter personna, @TheAcsMan .

Option to Profit

For quite a bit of that Seeking Alpha run, I was the #1 read author on “Dividends and Income” and had a very engaged readership that lasted right up to the sale of the “Option to Profit” business line, including the book that got it all started.

I no longer get the royalties when copies are sold, but I still get satisfaction of seeing that after 6 years there are still sales and hope to see them one day soon hit the 10,000 level.

Upon the sale of OptionToProfit, my one year “non-solicitation” period is over and with it comes a new, but familiar venture:


For those who remember any of those, but particularly for those who were paid subscribers of either the “Option to Profit” (OTP) trading alert service or the website, “LEAP to Profit” will be a little bit different.

I always knew that this would be coming and first wrote about it 5 years ago.

Less trading and more predictable income streams for those like me, heading into that stage of life when most are told to think about fixed income securities, but aren’t quite ready to just give up.

In a few months, I expect my new book, LEAP to Profit to be available, as will subscriptions to the new stock trading alert service.

See you then, I hope.

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