Subscription Details

Details, details, details.

So here they are:

LEAPtoProfit comes in two varieties and with 2 permutations.


Web Access 

The Web Access Subscription allows complete access to the web site.

The site is updated within minutes of any and all trades. For those who sit by a computer all day long, if you are logged into the “Recent Trades” page, that page refreshes every 60 seconds and offers updates of trades made.

Trading Alerts

Trading Alert subscribers, in addition to complete Web Access are delivered either text message or e-mail alerts of trades, which are sent within a minute of their execution

The 2 permutations are the monthly subscription or a discounted annual subscription.

In either case, the subscriptions may be canceled at anytime by a subscriber instructing PayPal to cancel recurring payments.

Refunds are not given for any used portion of a monthly subscription, but unused full months are refunded for those canceling an annual subscription.

As an added note, your information will never be used for sending unsolicited information, nor will it be sold, given or transferred to others


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