LEAP to Profit Philosophy

For starters, take a look at this somewhat elderly article on Seeking Alpha.

Then, to get a primer on the role that option sales can play in enhancing a portfolio’s ability to generate income flow, my bias leads me to recommend the purchase of Option to Profit.

If you’re too cheap to purchase it, that’s alright. Let me know and when your second month of subscription automatically renews, I will email you a link for a pdf copy.

Basically, the idea behind LEAPtoProfit is an offshoot from Option to Profit, but with less frequent trading and more reliance on core holdings to generate predictable income streams through dividends and option premiums.

For the more daring, there will also be some dalliance with “Leapfrogging.”

More on that later, but for those who hold large positions in a given stock, and weekly options are offered, an absolutely wonderful way to generate income can be executed when you may have several thousand shares.

Ultimately, the LEAPtoProfit philosophy is to let your portfolio work for you while you work less on your portfolio.

It’s not for everyone, but it has been for me.

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