About 5 or 6 years ago, I wrote an article called “What Would Cash Do?

The photo to the left is the one time that the Seeking Alpha editors didn’t let me get my way.

I was reminded about it the other day when someone asked a question on a closed Facebook page about what artist do you hear and then remember what a badass he was?

For me, the answer was easy.

It was Johnny Cash.

But it also reminded me of what I’m up to right now in preparation for things to come. Continue reading “Cash”

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After more than a decade of getting a serious level of excitement by simply making a trade, even if the net profit per share was a penny or two, I always knew that someday I wouldn’t be able to sustain the kind of maintenance that it took to keep on an eye on a portfolio.

Even worse, I knew that someday I wouldn’t have the kind of time and attention that it took to keep an eye on multiple portfolios, especially when those portfolios may have had different goals and tolerances for risk.

Like most people, I always looked at investing and investment philosophy as being on a continuum. Continue reading “LEAPS?”

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