Happy One Year Anniversary to Me

Well, the One Year Anniversary of the newest iteration of TheAcsMan is coming up soon tomorrow.

For the very, very few that have been following along ever since 2007 or so with Szelhamos.com and then the original TheAcsMan.com, you may recall that both shuttered on the one year anniversary date.

OptionToProfit.com went on for 5 years, but this time around, it’s time to revert to old ways again and TheAcsMan comes to its end in a few weeks tomorrow upon the occasion of its first anniversary.

But, in the works is LEAPToProfit.com which reflects where I always knew I would be eventually headed with my investing habits.

That means less trades, even less writing than I do now. Continue reading “Happy One Year Anniversary to Me”

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LEAP to Profit

It’s time to move onto the next phase of my investing life.

If you are a retiree, that doesn’t mean following the old conventional wisdom and moving into fixed income asset bonds.

Perish the thought.

It’s time to “LEAP to Profit.”

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