Trading History

You can use the pull down menu above to see monthly activity.

There is also archived data on individual stock trades, going back to 2011, which can also be accessed from the menu.

You can then access summary statistics for any of the stocks traded.

As an example, Limited Brands has been owned on 13 separate occasions. In addition to the purchase price and the Strike price, the net premiums received are shown.

For example, the position opened March 21, 2017 was closed on December 15, 2017. During that time period there were 6 short call positions established before shares were assigned at the Strike price. Along with the $1.80 in cumulative dividends received the Return on Investment (ROI) was 20.8%

By contrast, the ROI for the S&P 500 was 12.7% (without approximately 1.5% dividends).

The above is reflective of the typical trading that was done utilizing the “Option to Profit” methodology.

Although Limited Brands offered only monthly options contracts, the more typical position offered weekly contracts and may have required even more trading.

LEAPtoProfit, however, seeks to use longer term time commitments on the call options that are sold or on the occasional put options utilized.